Easy and Effective Do-It-Yourself Fruit Fly Trap

We all hate ’em… those pesky little fruit flies. They suddenly appear and hang around that pretty little bowl of fruit you have virtuously displayed in your kitchen. So annoying. So when you have had enough and are ready to declare war, I have just the thing… a homemade Fruit Fly Trap!

Here is how you make a Do It Yourself Fruit Fly Trap:

1. Grab a jar. (Mason jar or an empty jar of spaghetti sauce will do)
2. Fill the bottom with wine. (fruit flies are a cheap date, no need to waste the good stuff!)
3. Roll a piece of paper horizontally to make a funnel. (Leave a little hole the size of a fruit fly in the pointy end of the funnel)
4. Place the funnel in the jar, taking care not to submerge the pointy end in the wine.
5. Place the jar in an inconspicuous locale in your kitchen, perhaps near the fruit bowl as a decoy.
6. Feel free to decorate the jar and/or funnel to make it attractive (scrapbook paper works great!)
7. Before you know it, fruit flies will take up residence in your jar.
8. Take jar outside, remove funnel, and let the fruit flies free.
9. After a few days, rinse jar and replace the wine and funnel.
10. Bye-bye fruit flies, hello fruit!!!