Health Coaching Tools: The Wellness Wheel

Had I stuck with the assumption there was something wrong with me, the shame and guilt of my pathetic state would have perpetuated the cycle in which I was stuck.

Health Coaching Explained

We already know we should drink less, sleep more, increase veggies and cut the processed crap. But that’s too simple and also too hard. Health coaching can help!

The Hidden Risks of Women’s Preventative Health Care

The Hidden Risks of Women's Preventative Health Care For most of my life, I’ve followed doctors’ recommendations for preventative healthcare. I started getting annual PAP smears before I was even sexually active. (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.) Dentists have...

Acetaminophen: Medicine or Menace?

How often do you take medicine? How often do you give acetaminophen to your kids? Is illness and pain the result of an acetaminophen deficiency or something that needs our attention so that we can heal?

Organic Makeup

Is organic makeup worth the money? Not always . . . But don't let that deter you from reducing your exposure to chemicals. 

Homemade Deodorant

Learn why I don't race for the cure, I run from the cancer. Seriously, get rid of the Secret if you want to be Sure . . .

Fort Wayne Business People: 5 Questions with Colleen Kachmann

Read 5 Questions with Colleen Kachmann in Fort Wayne Business People. Colleen Kachmann is a Fort Wayne native, proponent of healthy living, mom of four and now she can add author to her growing list of roles. She earned her B.S. in Biology and Chemistry Education from...

Dr. Rudy Kachmann Interviews Colleen (Part 2)

Dr. Kachmann continues his interview with me for Mind, Body & Spirit on Comcast 57. We discuss why I chose to call the book Life Off the Label, food laws and public policy, and what GMOs are and why we need to avoid them.  If you missed part 1, here's a...

Dr. Rudy Kachmann Interviews Colleen

Dr. Rudy Kachmann and I discuss the first 50 pages of my book, Life Off the Label. He encouraged me to write the book four years ago. We discuss the writing process and delve into food addiction, Big Food, why we are fat and why exercise is not the cure. This is a...

Halloween Hangover

We got egged last night. I’m guessing it was in retaliation for the fact that I didn’t pass out candy to Trick or Treaters. 

Kid Food Kills

How would you feel if your children were offered cigarettes and encouraged to smoke? Junk food and candy are just as harmful and addictive . . . maybe more. Yet we pass our candy like it’s a treat. Have we been tricked?

The Sitting Disease

My diet consists of mostly vegetables. I eat no processed food or animal products. I exercise. I do yoga. And I was shocked to discover that I am just as much at risk for heart disease as a smoker. Have you heard of the sitting disease?

Update #3: The Rule of Exceptions

Picasso advised, “Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.” Unfortunately, the line between art and anarchy is easiest to see in hindsight. 

Calm Down with Advanced Yogi Breathing

Breath is the gift of life. When we work with the breath, we create the space to experience each situation in life as pure potential and positive karma. When we fall into unconsciousness breathing patterns, we become reactive, confused and disheartened.

Remembering to Breathe

Learning to notice and properly respond to our own breath allows us stay centered, grounded and in control of our actions, words and even thoughts. Unless you’ve got time for a nap and a snack, a temper tantrum will not lead you to peace.

The Spaces Between Our Breath

There are a variety of breathing techniques that will do everything from relax to invigorate us. Some are simple and instinctual. Others take effort and experience. Like any form of exercise, repetition makes us stronger and more efficient. And like music, the silent pauses are just as important as the harmonious sound.

Balancing the Breath

The breath is a conduit to both the mind and the body. If the breath is agitated and unbalanced, so are the mental and physical processes.

Natural Remedies for Nausea During Pregnancy

Hyperemesis gravidarum occurs very early, usually before 5 weeks, and causes excessive vomiting. This can lead to dehydration and nutritional deficiencies, and create a cycle that is difficult to break. 

DIY Sauerkraut Recipe

Fermented foods like yogurt and sauerkraut are essential to gut health. Commercial brands are pasteurized, which kills the probiotic microbes. In less than 30 minutes, you can make a supply that lasts up to six months.

Food Fights: Where Are Healthy Choices for Kids?

We need to teach nutrition in schools and follow it up by modeling good nutrition to children throughout the schools, from PTA events, to the cafeteria, to the snacks at sporting events, classroom celebrations etc.

8 Ways to Repair Relationships at Home and at Work

We are all forced to interact with people we’d rather not. Sometimes we need to repair relationships with people we love when toxic tailspins threaten our family. Relationships are living entities and must be nurtured. Even despite good intentions, sometimes we just have to let go and move on. But when that’s not possible or desired, these 8 empowering strategies will repair relationships. Stop the circular conversations and start fresh with a positive approach.

Aging Well

Diet and lifestyle have a direct effect on the aging. We all age. The question is: do you want to age fast or age well? Don’t we all deserve to enjoy our retirement years?

Courage and Fear and Open Water Scuba Diving

Until we address the underlying beliefs that limit our behaviors, we will be stuck in an unconscious cycle of self-fulfilling prophecy. By accepting our flaws, we perpetuate their hold on us.

Congratulations! You’re Getting a Divorce…

Anyone that’s been through a divorce knows the emotional battle that has been waged prior to deciding to end a marriage. And putting an end to the suffering, for both parties, deserves only one comment.

Control Your Emotions: FIRST AID FOR HAPPINESS

Negative emotions get the best of us–meaning they cause more problems than they solve. Learn how to use your energy to your advantage and sustain happiness regardless of the circumstance.

Real Foods Versus Food Imposters

Real food doesn’t come in a package. Food imposters are cleverly designed to trick you into eating and buying more. Learn how to tell the difference so you can lose weight and live long!

Embracing Detox Symptoms

The faster you transition to a plant-based diet, the more likely it is that you will experience a detox symptoms. Anticipating withdrawal and detox symptoms is essential to success.

The Problem with Plastic

The problem with plastic is that it’s made from petroleum. Plastic leaches into our food and water with toxic consequences.

Kids Don’t Like Veggies? Make Pizza!

How do you get kids to eat good food? Trick them, of course. Sneaky pizza may look like the real deal, but it’s so nutritious that you’ll have to act like you don’t want them to eat it…

Hosting a Green Birthday Party

Hosting a green birthday party is less expensive, simple to plan and far more rewarding than the typical alternative. Showing our children that their future is not disposable is the best gift we can give.

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