Avocado Alfredo is easy and delicious!

One of the hardest things about giving up dairy is the belief that cream sauces are no longer on the menu. Nothing could be further from the truth! Rich and succulent meals can be created from cashews, tofu, squash and even avocado.

In addition to be being filled with fiber, protein, essential fats and a multitude of micronutrients, plant-based cream sauces are much easier to prepare than traditional counterparts. Thickening, boiling and burning are no longer part of the process. In many cases, you don’t even have to cook them (though you can) and they are done in minutes.

Avocado alfredo requires only a high speed blender, ripe avocados, lemon juice, fresh basil, garlic and sea salt. You can use a finger or a spoon for taste-testing and fine tuning.

To be honest, this dish didn’t even require all of that. My summer basil was a casualty to the first frost and raw garlic gives me a stomachache. I simply added a few tablespoons of organic pesto to 4 avocados and gave it a whirl. It was delicious. It was also a bit thick, so I used almond milk to thin it out a bit. Raw veggies, garbanzo beans and gluten free quinoa spaghetti turned this into a crowd-pleasing success.

It took exactly 12 minutes from start to finish, and that includes the time it took to make the pasta.

Add salt to the water before you boil the noodles and coat with a bit of olive oil as you rinse in cold water. This prevents sticking and adds a ton of flavor. Serve al dente, as this slows the digestion of the carbohydrates and lowers the glycemic index of the food. You’ll feel fuller longer and won’t feel as weighed down after eating.

Avocados are filled with filled with micronutrients. They are high in folate, potassium, vitamins K, E and B6 and help lower cholesterol. They significantly increase the absorption of beta carotene and vitamin A. They have been shown to lower breast cancer risk by 43 percent, assist the liver in detox and promote eye health.